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Premium Services> Laminated FRP Piping

  • Power Plants -Cooling Systems, Fire Fighting, Drainage systems.
    Desalination Plants- Saline water intake systems, outtake systems, re carbonization and portabilisation system
    Irrigation Systems
    Sewerage and Chemical piping systems

    Specialists in:
    • Installation
    • Site Fabrication
    • Site connection of Joints

    Maintenance of Existing Laminated Piping Systems
    Replacement of Piping Systems - Metal pipes to GRP/FRP pipes
    Complete Hydro test of Systems
    Computer Aided Drafting for Pipe Routing

    Employee Credentials
    Skilled and Experienced Personnel
    Certified GRP/FRP Pipe Technicians
    Unique Skill set for Fiberglass Engineered Piping
    Commitment to Quality, Timely Completion of Projects and familiarity with MEW Guidelines and Documentation.