• Our Mission

    MAKS.INC is committed to satisfying each and every one of our clients by delivering a quality product, at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.


  • We expect all the employees to compete aggressively, but fairly, in each of the markets in which we operate, and to sell the Company's products and services on their quality and merit. The employees shall not disparage competitors, mislead customers, or collect inappropriate information about competitors, customers or vendors in a manner that violates the Company's policies. Every employee should deal fairly with the Company's customers, suppliers and competitors. While following the policies of the Company, we should treat other companies and their representatives as we would expect to be treated.

    Certain methods of collecting information about competitors and those with whom we do business are clearly illegal (including theft, blackmail, wiretapping, bribery, trespassing, industrial espionage or receipt of stolen property). Other methods of collecting information, however, while perhaps not unlawful, are nonetheless prohibited by the Company because they are improper and wrong. They include, but are not limited to:

    Misrepresenting facts, employee identity or Company affiliation; and
    Asking or inducing others to disclose confidential information of a current or previous employer without the consent, knowledge or acquiescence of the employer.

    Since no listing can be all-inclusive, anyone who receives or is offered confidential information about competitors, customers or vendors under questionable circumstances must seek guidance from his or her manager or business unit head, and the Corporate Legal Department.

    We seek to foster business based on synergy, which requires the free exchange of information throughout the Company. However, employees who have access to confidential information disclosed to them by a business, customer or vendor should not disclose such information to others outside the Company, or even within the Company, if it would violate any confidentiality