• Our services enable you to focus on implementing corporate strategies that increase your market share and profits.

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  • MAKS INC., a leading Information and Technology & Business Process Management solutions provider, is focused on providing quality, state-of-art and cost efficient technological solutions to our customer’s IT problems in timely fashion. The methodology of our IT division is to focus on rapid mobilization of resources using our re-usable frameworks and our distributed development approach.

    IT projects have a number of lifecycles, we like to clearly identify these and lay them out as various phases for our clients. This process not only makes the project a lot more transparent four our client, but it also sets out a clear road map for them to follow. Our services include:
    • ERP
    • Web Development
    • Asset Management


    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a Company-wide computer software system used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business from shared data stores.

    ERP systems aids in integrating key business and management data by streamlining an organization’s business process. The rationale of behind ERP is not only to ensure transparency but also to assist in tracking down the information, like the status of particular order or its dispatch. Simplifying the business process by using ERP leads to an increase in customer service levels, reduction in inventory levels and controls other costs and provides a high-level view to their business.

    We offer Spring ERP; it is an ASP .net based ERP, which uses backing of either Oracle or SQL. Some of the features are:
    • Multi-Currency
    • Multi-division
    • Multi-Company Easy Linking to Credit Cards and Payment Gateways
    • VAT Sales/Purchase Tax (Value Added Tax)
    • Each Transaction can have its own Currency
    • Bank Accounts in any Currency
    • Tracks Historical Currency Exchange Rates
    • Tracks Realized Currency Gains & Losses
    • Workflow

    Today’s competitive horizon has been chiseled and imprinted by e-commerce and the Internet. To have a website that thrives in today’s cutthroat virtual world, you need more than a “pretty face”, but in these days “looks” do matter, because that’s the first impression you make on anyone. Have you ever come across a website that has been laid out in such a sloppy manner that it only conveyed one message and that was incompetence? Or one such that it seemed so unworkable, that you weren’t even able to navigate the webpage to get the information you were searching for?

    Here at MAKS INC., we'll work with you to not only create an image that fits your business and captures the visitor's attention but we'll also focus our efforts on creating a website that addresses important criteria such as:
    • Project a professional image
    • Offer informative content
    • Include user-friendly navigation
    • Incorporate fast-loading graphics
    • Allow for self-management (if desired)

    A well designed website can be a great asset to your Company by providing insight into who you are and the services you offer. Grow your business by creating your own unique global presence on the web!

    At MAKS INC. we use our asset management toolset to conduct worldwide searches backed by effective research and analysis. Our clients have access to leading strategists and Technology specialist that combine unique skill sets with experience. Our people are high-quality, cost-effective professionals who work with Fortune 100 companies, and rapid-growth startups developing cutting edge technologies.

    Our asset management services include
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Strategic and Technical Consulting

    We can rapidly assemble a team of world class professionals from our network of over 500 vendors, giving you access to consultants in most major verticals across all major horizontal software applications, packages and development toolsets.

    Our services enable you to focus on implementing corporate strategies that increase your market share and profits.