• Our Mission

    MAKS.INC is committed to satisfying each and every one of our clients by delivering a quality product, at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

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  • MAKS INC. is one of the largest and most successful construction companies in Kuwait. We have handled various major build projects in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and India. We are still looking to exmaksMenud our reach to more challenging and distinct regions such as Dubai. Maks offer full range of pre-construction and construction services. We have over 80 engineering personnel and they are provide necessary tools to ensure that project builds are of high quality, timely and cost-efficient. We provide two types of services for the projects we undertake:-

    Pre-construction Services:
    • Understanding You and Your Needs
    • Managing Municipal Approvals
    • Facilitating the Design Team Effort
    • Timely and Accurate Estimating
    • Value Engineering and Alternate Building Systems
    • Scheduling
    • Final Documentation Review
    • Bidding Contract Supervision

    Construction Management Services:
    • Setting Project Goals
    • Scheduling and Monitoring the Project
    • Information and Documentation
    • Establishing and Monitoring quality
    • Safety Program
    • Job Cost and Accounting
    • Project Close-Out and Warranty