• Our Mission

    MAKS.INC is committed to satisfying each and every one of our clients by delivering a quality product, at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.


  • MAKS.INC recognizes that sound Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) practices are critical to our growth and success. This procedure applies to all MAKS operations under our control. The Company committed to protect the safety and health of employees, contractors, the general public and environment. We are providing the resources, information, training and supervision necessary to implement our EH&S procedure.

    We manage our normal operations responsibly and work to avoid accidents or emergency situations. MAKS.INC therefore commits it self and its resource to these ends:
    1. Provide safe and healthy working condition
    2. Maintain all Company equipment & facilities in a good and safe order
    3. Correct any or all conditions that could lead to an accident or injury.
    4. Providing on going safety trainings to all the employees.
    5. Implementing safety promotional activities.
    6. Prepared to ensure a fast and effective response at any occurrence.
    7. Implement an effective EH&S procedure to comply with or exceed statutory requirements

    We are increasing EH&S awareness amongst employees at all levels by providing effective leadership regarding commitment to EH&S as we successfully completed 600 thousand working hours with out any loss time accident.