• Our Mission

    MAKS.INC is committed to satisfying each and every one of our clients by delivering a quality product, at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.



  • The Company and its management are committed to treating all employees with fairness, dignity and respect. We strive to provide our employees with a challenging, exciting and fulfilling environment.

    Professional Development

    We are committed to having our employees develop and advance professionally in a manner consistent with their abilities. Although difficult decisions may arise in hiring, evaluating performance, promoting, disciplining or terminating employees, the Company expects such responsibilities to be carried out with fairness, discretion and respect for privacy, as well as compassion for the individuals involved.

    The Company is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees. It is the intention and policy of MAKS to safeguard employees, MAKS property, and the public through the promotion and maintenance of a programme designed to prevent accidents and unwanted occurrences. It shall be the responsibility of all Managers / Heads to ensure that all safety precautions pertaining to their work area have been taken, are clearly defined, understood, and followed by all employees under their supervision.

    We seek to be multicultural, tapping the unique talents and potential of every member of our diverse work force. Our goals are to:

    Attract and sustain a work force that reflects our guests and customers, business partners, labor markets and communities in which we do business; and

    Maintain a workplace that reflects open opportunity, where everyone is advantaged by their potential and no one is disadvantaged by their belonging to a particular group.

    We are committed to these goals for their own sake, but we also believe that diversity is the best way to develop superior products and services.

    Teamwork and Communications
    We are committed to providing open, free and effective channels of communication among employees, and between employees and the Company's management. Not only does open communications foster teamwork and facilitate a healthy working environment, but such free and open channels, both within departments and divisions, as well as between divisions, promote synergy and enable the Company as a whole to realize greater potential than the sum of its individual businesses.

    Respect for the Individual

    We are committed to providing a work environment in which all employees are afforded the respect that they deserve, free of any discrimination or harassment. No discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law will be allowed. Further, the Company expects all its employees to treat each other with the same dignity and respect that they expect from the Company.

    New Learning Avenues
    Dynamic Environment where you can experiment and grow
    Opportunity to maximize their full potential
    Brand Image
    Sense of job satisfaction
    Competitive Compensation
    Financial Reward


  • We expect all the employees to compete aggressively, but fairly, in each of the markets in which we operate, and to sell the Company's products and services on their quality and merit. The employees shall not disparage competitors, mislead customers, or collect inappropriate information about competitors, customers or vendors in a manner that violates the Company's policies. Every employee should deal fairly with the Company's customers, suppliers and competitors. While following the policies of the Company, we should treat other companies and their representatives as we would expect to be treated.

    Certain methods of collecting information about competitors and those with whom we do business are clearly illegal (including theft, blackmail, wiretapping, bribery, trespassing, industrial espionage or receipt of stolen property). Other methods of collecting information, however, while perhaps not unlawful, are nonetheless prohibited by the Company because they are improper and wrong. They include, but are not limited to:

    Misrepresenting facts, employee identity or Company affiliation; and

    Asking or inducing others to disclose confidential information of a current or previous employer without the consent, knowledge or acquiescence of the employer.

    Since no listing can be all-inclusive, anyone who receives or is offered confidential information about competitors, customers or vendors under questionable circumstances must seek guidance from his or her manager or business unit head, and the Corporate Legal Department.

    We seek to foster business based on synergy, which requires the free exchange of information throughout the Company. However, employees who have access to confidential information disclosed to them by a business, customer or vendor should not disclose such information to others outside the Company, or even within the Company, if it would violate any confidentiality


  • Government Officials
    The Company, and its employees, may deal with government officials in the course of the Company's business. It is important that the responsible employees be thoroughly familiar with, and comply with, laws and regulations applicable to dealing with government officials. The employees should be aware that business practices which are acceptable in a commercial environment (e.g., meals, transportation or entertainment) may not be acceptable when dealing with government officials. The employees should follow Company guidelines in their relationships with government officials, and should direct questions about particular situations to the Company Legal Consul

    It is MAKS’ policy to maintain cordial and harmonious relationships with all Government and Public Offices, Ministries, etc. MAKS shall have a centralized point of interaction with Ministries and other Government Offices that will assist in maintaining a proper Corporate Image and to ensure that no activities of the Company are in any way in contravention of Government and Ministerial regulations.

    The MAKS BOARD must at all times be one of the authorized signatories with various State Authorities for MAKS. It shall be the responsibility of the HR Manager and to keep abreast with all amendments and changes in the rules and regulations of the State Authorities and to keep the Company informed of such changes.


    Good relations with communities in which the Company resides and conducts business are essential. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and services, and to cooperating with community leaders and members for the benefit of local communities. The Company encourages all employees to participate in local activities that address needs of the communities in which they reside and work.


    As we expand our operations abroad, we encounter new challenges as a result of cultural differences and sometimes unfamiliar business practices. While we are bound by Kuwait laws and regulations as well as Company policy, we must recognize that in many cases we are introducing our culture and methods of conducting business into different environments. When conducting business in other countries, it is imperative that we be especially sensitive to foreign legal requirements and cultural differences, and present our own culture as sensitively as possible.

    The Company must be careful not to enter knowingly into relationships that, directly or indirectly, expose employees to undue health and safety risks, or that use child, prison or forced labor, or other similarly exploitative practices. The Company, its employees, should never act illegally to secure or conduct business. The Company will adhere to all applicable legal requirements, both foreign and those of the Kuwait. The Company is also responsible to meet product safety standards and to comply with import regulations, as outlined in Company policy.


  • Entertainment of Guests
    It is MAKS’ policy to extend a warm welcome to the guests of the company, to this effect allocations (provisions) must be made every year in the budgets for the entertainment of guests of the Company.

    Gifts and Promotional Items

    It is MAKS’ policy to acknowledge that proper gifts and promotional items be given to various officials at State Authorities and Ministries to present a good image and earn goodwill for the Company.

    It is to this end that MAKS has a policy to procure various types of gifts from time to time to for concerned officials. Proper budgetary provisions should be made.

    It is MAKS’ policy not to use guest entertainment, gifts and promotional items to unduly influence any person to obtain preferential treatment, information, or unauthorized access to information or facilities.